Who is Elumbus?

Elumbus is a travel website with the best service guaranteed. More than 50 employees consult, support and organise your trip around the clock. Our travel experts are here to help you with all your questions, be it regular or charter flights, last-minute trips, all-inclusive trips, discounts for early reservations, car rentals, caravans, camping, hotels, holiday homes, cruises or travel insurance. Discover your world!

How can I pay?

In addition to normal bank transfers or online bank transfers, we accept cash payment, debit card and credit card payments.

How do I receive my ticket?

Nowadays, almost all plane tickets are electronic. You will receive your flight confirmation/bill and will be able to check in at the airport with your ID/passport. As before, there you will receive your boarding passes. If you booked a package trip, you will receive all travel documents by email, either from us or from the organiser.

How do I check my flight information?

You can check your flight information at any time using the link we sent you by email. Here you will be able to see the status of your booking at any time, independently of our office.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Setbacks can always happen. If it is our fault, we will find that is similar to your booking, and of course, at the same price.

Should I buy travel insurance?

We offer insurance for cancellation fees or potentials risks at the place of destination. In group travel, there is an average of one insurance claim per group, usually for health reasons. Travel insurance and cancellation insurance include:

  • Refund of cancellation fees
  • Refund of unused travel services
  • Refund of additional costs for a later departure
  • Refund of the exchange rate
  • Cancellation advice by phone before the trip

Participants are often not covered by social security overseas, so we recommend health insurance for the trip. This includes:

  • Coverage of the costs of medical treatment abroad
  • Costs of search, rescue and return in the event of an accident up to €10,000
  • Coverage of transport costs and health insurance luggage
  • Emergency assistance 24 hours a day, worldwide, 365 days a year

For students and school trips, we offer special packages to offer all kinds of protection:

  • Refund of cancellation, exchange rates and unused travel services.
  • Medical and treatment coverage costs, incl repatriation.
  • While the student is travelling or abroad, the insurance company is responsible for personal safety and property.
  • Protection in case of accidents leading to disability or death during the journey.
  • Emergency centre 24 hours with an international team of doctors.

How do I get an inexpensive roundtrip flight?

  1. The more flexible you are with the date or the departure airport, the more you can save on your flight.
  2. Flights are usually more expensive at short notice, when you want to book a flight close to the date of departure. If you have already found a suitable flight, make your booking as soon as possible.
  3. If you have found an exciting tariff, but you still cannot decide, call us at 020-3695 50 70, and we will try to hold this special offer for you without any compromise.
  4. Often overnight flights from Saturday to Sunday are cheaper than during the week.
  5. Often flights are more expensive if they are more than one month apart.
  6. Please enter the correct name exactly as it appears on your passport at the time of booking; further changes are usually not possible or are subject to charges.

To obtain a better price for your group or school trip, we can try to divide your group into several small groups and put you on various connecting flights at the best possible price.

You get cheaper airfares, if you book your flight, accommodation and tours all together.

How do I fly simple routes at a low price?

  1. Flights usually tend to get more expensive as the departure date gets closer. The best option is to decide on the flight that best suits your needs as soon as possible.
  2. If you find an attractive deal but cannot decide, call us at +44 20 36 95 50 70 so we can try to hold the reserved fare without any commitment.
  3. Sometimes it is cheaper to reserve a return ticket even if you are not going to use it.
  4. Please enter the name of the passenger that will use the reservation as it appears in his/her passport. Generally, corrections made at a later time can come at additional cost or cannot be changed at all.

How do I fly to multiple airports at a low price?

  1. Flights usually tend to get more expensive as the departure date gets closer. The best option is to decide on the flight that best suits your needs as soon as possible.
  2. If you find an attractive deal but cannot decide, call us at +44 20 36 95 50 70 so we can try to hold the reserved fare without any commitment.
  3. Overnight flights from Saturday to Sunday are often the cheapest flights during the week.
  4. Flights are often more expensive if they are more than a month apart.
  5. With our flight finder, you have the option to choose different airports for your departure and for your return flight.
  6. Not all airports offer this option. The option does exist to issue your flights in one or more separate tickets.
  7. In many cases, it may be that the cost of these offers increases, but with our specialised knowledge, we will be able to get the best price.
  8. Please, enter the name of the passenger that will use the reservation as it appears on his/her passport. Generally, corrections made at a later time can come at additional cost or cannot be changed at all.

Conditions for children traveling alone.

Please take into consideration the airline requirements:
a) The maximum number of children (between 2 and 11 years old) is double the number of adults.
b) The number of infants (less than 2 years old) cannot be more than the number of adults.

We can help if you contact us at +44 20 36 95 50 70.

Children older than two years old are entitled to a seat; children under two years old are not. If you want a seat for a younger child, we are available to reserve one for you by telephone.

If the child is younger than two years old at the time of departure and turns two before the return trip, we recommend you book the flights by telephone since online you can only reserve seats for children younger than two years old.

How can I benefit from youth/student fares?

AirlineYouth fare valid until:Student fare vaild until:Requires ISIC credential

Group travel: General information

Will my group request be accepted by Elumbus?

Your request will be processed without any compromise and free of charge; you can decide once we give you an offer if you want to proceed with the reservation.

Can I get a group discount when I fly with a group?

The airlines calculate the price of seats on the plane with very different prices. The current demand and seasons play a key role. With increasing demand and use, the price goes up. However, if there is a group discount, this applies to the actual ticket price and not to special rates with limited space. In general, the earlier you book a group flight, the cheaper the price will be.

Which are the advantages of a group ticket?

In some cases, it is possible to book your group flight ticket for a fixed date free of charge. The group flight tickets can be booked max. 10 months in advance. It´s always better to book the flight in advance; some companies allow booking of group tickets one year in advance.

A group rate has the following advantages:

  • Less financial risk when you book a flight for a long period (this condition does not apply to low-cost airlines)
  • Guarantee that the seats you have booked are still available for you
  • Free option to change the names of the participants, on different occasions, until shortly before the tickets are issued. Once the tickets have been issued, you still can make changes or even cancel passenger names. This results in lower cancellation rates.
  • The price of a group booking its always lower if you book in advance.
  • Generally, a promotion for any group in the flight reservation is guaranteed, so the group does not have to fly separately. In case of a failure on the flight, passengers will be transferred to a replacement aircraft.

What cancellation policy applies?

In general, the specific names of the passengers must be confirmed just before the ticket is issued. In case a name needs to be changed, even before the ticket is issued, this could be done for free in most cases. This would not be the case with a single ticket. If any changes in the number of passengers and names are necessary after the ticket is issued, most airlines will apply a fee, but that one always would be less expensive as for a single ticket. Actual cancellation conditions vary depending on each group offer and the airline.

Why did I find a single ticket cheaper online?

The airlines calculate the seats on a plane with different prices. In this case, the supply and demand is taken into account to achieve the best possible price for each seat. For this reason, there is only a small limited number of very cheap tickets available with an early booking discount.

With a booking of 22 individual passengers, the airline would charge for the increased demand of the flight and so with each booking, the ticket price would be higher. This is why online, a cheap rate is always associated with an individual price, but not a group rate. For example, when traveling with a group of 22 people, it would mean that the first five can get a very cheap ticket since the rate would be available, but the other 17 passengers would have to buy a more expensive ticket. But as everyone in the group should pay the same rate, the ticket is sold at an average price. At this price, a group discount applies. Anyway, the earlier you book a group flight, the cheaper the price.

Group travel: Flights with multiple passengers

From groups of eight or more, a group discount is possible. It is not possible to make group bookings online, but you can send us your request by filling out our form and we will take care of it immediately.

For groups of 10 or more, you can find a special rate for groups on most airlines. Once the booking is complete, there is always the risk that the company may cancel the booking or adjust the price.

When you book only a limited number of seats on the plane with the exact number of participants in their correct names, the payment needs to be completed within 30 days of departure. This requires a minimum booking of nine persons.

If you can decide immediately, it is usually cheaper, and never as much as the price for a single person.

Number of people

Please let us know how many people are going to fly and whether these are adults or children. Passengers up to 30 years old can still book tickets on the student or youth rate. The student and youth rate may include passengers up to 30 years old, young people or students. If the number of participants is unknown, please contact us as soon possible.

What if the number of participants has changed?

If more participants than initially planned want to travel, we first need to speak to the airline and check if there are still free places. The price will be calculated based on the daily rate. If there are no free places on the plane, we will try to organise another flight to assist the rest of the group.

If you choose to book a flexible group ticket, with this option, most airlines allow you to cancel between 10% and 20% of the participants for no extra cost. You remain flexible at all times. For all other tickets, the cancellation involves some costs from the airline, depending on the notice period of the cancellation.

Tolerance of flight schedules

If you are restricted to specific flight dates, it is of course easier for us, but can be more expensive for you. However, we are happy to check other dates for you and offer you other alternatives, depending on how flexible you are.

Price expectations

Group bookings are always more expensive than individual tickets. We would be happy to offer you a discount if you want to fly with more than one person. Please let us know your budget so that we can omit excessively expensive deals from the outset. Of course, we are always looking to get the lowest fares.

When do all passengers need to be confirmed and can I make changes?

In most cases, the number of passengers and names needs to be communicated about 4-6 weeks before departure. You can change the name at any time free of charge before the ticket is issued. After the ticket is issued, no more free changes are possible. Every company applies different fees for changing the name.

When should I pay?

Usually, when you make the booking you need to pay a deposit; the rest of the price must be paid six weeks before your departure. There are also special cases, for example, with low-cost airlines, where the payment must be made immediately after the reservation is made. If you know from the beginning that some of the participants cannot pay for the flight immediately, we must take this into account in the selection of tariffs.

Can the group be divided between different flights to obtain a lower fare?

Often, in each plane only a few seats are at a low cost. If this is the case, the group can be divided onto two different planes to save money. Many groups pay a much more expensive price to ensure they are travelling together.

Type of group travel

This information will help us to respond better to your individual needs. To arrange your bookings, we should know if you have any special request to be able to organise these services or cater to any special needs in advance.

How do I take a screenshot?

If you want to pay for our services via bank transfer, we need you to send us proof of payment. When making online transactions, you can send a screenshot as proof of payment via email or fax.

IMPORTANT Please ensure that our bank account number is clearly legible.


How to take a screenshot using Windows:

  1. Click on the screen you want to take a screenshot of
  2. Press the following key combination: [ALT]+[PRINT SCREEN]
  3. Open Paint or Word
  4. With your mouse, right click in a new document and click option “PASTE”
  5. Save document

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How to take a screenshot using a MAC:

  1. Click on the screen you want to take a screenshot of
  2. Press the following key combination: [COMMAND]+[SHIFT]+[4]
  3. Drag the cursor creating a rectangle around the image you want to take a screenshot of
  4. The screenshot will automatically be saved on your desktop.

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